The Five Modules in The Website Builder Blueprint

website strategy

Module 1: Planning

A huge part of a successful website is the planning. First thing is to identify the purpose of your site. Then you'll need to know how many web pages you'll need, what each page is for, the type of content you'll need to populate your pages, and you'll also want to have your "calls to action" planned out.


website development 101

Module 2: Website Development 101

A successful website is more than just a space with a design, some copy, stock images, and contact forms. In order for your website to be successful you need to know how to: connect with your target market, present your message so that it's received, and provide the necessary functionality to spark engagement.


website design 101

Module 3: Website Design 101

The truth is, the design, or lack of, can make or break the users experience. Your design is either inviting your visitors to connect with you or it's driving them away. It's important that you understand how to use the design of your site to connect with your target market, direct their visit, and help them find the solutions they're looking for.


website strategy

Module 4: Strategizing and Preparing

Now that you know what the site will look like, how it will function, and the information that will populate it, you need a strategy for how you will structure and organize your website. It's also a good practice to make sure you have all the right components prepared for implementation before you begin.


building a website

Module 5: The Build

Lets be honest, modules 1 - 3 were the hard parts. But module 4 is the fun and rewarding part! Taking all your hard work and bringing it to life is an awesome experience. At the end of this module you'll have your completed website, and you can begin sharing your message with your target market.


website builder bonus

Module 6: Bonus - Website Design & Development 201

I realize some participants will want more flexibility and more options for creating a more customized experience. Therefore, in this module I'll take things a bit further and teach you how to create a completely custom design without the complexities of coding. This module is ideal for the participent who is an overachiever and really wants to go above and beyond!


I'm so confident in the VALUE of the Website Builder Blueprint program, that I want to make your decision as easy and as stress free as possible. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, I’ll refund your full investment, no questions asked!